Marine Interior Cleaner
Marine Interior Cleaner

Marine Interior Cleaner


  • Fabric safe
  • Contains a strong anti-bacterial agent
  • Removes dirt and grease from any surface

Gtechniq Marine Interior Cleaner works in three ways. First, it contains a non-harmful water-based degreaser and surfactant which will remove dirt and grease from any surface. 


Second, it contains an additive that traps and absorbs odour causing substances. Third, it contains a strong anti-bacterial agent that also repels dirt. 


Gtechniq Marine Interior Cleaner can be used on any kind of hard or soft surface including leather, Alcantara and manmade or natural fibres. 

Application Instructions


  • Shake bottle well before use.  Ensure that all surfaces have been thoroughly washed and dried.


  • Spray the product onto a Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre and spread the product onto the surface.


  • Buff with a second Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre until you have a streak-free finish. If the product is difficult to remove, wipe with a wet MF1 Microfibre and then buff with a dry one.