Marine Fabric Coat
Marine Fabric Coat

Marine Fabric Coat


  • Ultra durable
  • Unrivalled protection for all types of fabrics

Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat provides unrivalled protection for all types of fabrics against mould, mildew, bacteria, microbes and everyday stains. 


It's ultra-durable water and UV-repellent formula bonds to each individual fibre, leaving the feel and breathability of the fabric completely unchanged. Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat is ideal for re-waterproofing wet weather clothing, sails, awnings and for coating interior fabrics. 


This product is based on environmentally friendly technology and contains no flurocarbons. Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat is not intended for use on Vinyl seats.

Application Instructions


  • If required, clean the fabric with Gtechniq Marine Interior Cleaner and allow to fully dry.


  • Shake bottle very well before use.


  • Using the mist setting on the spray head, fully saturate the fabric avoiding over-spraying the product on to surrounding areas.


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